SparkFox Vertical Stand Hub Fan & Charge Dock – XBOX ONE S

The Sparkfox XBOX ONE S vertical stand keeps everything together! The All-In-One XBOX ONE S solution offers a vertical stand for your console, charging dock for your controllers, cooling fan and x2 USB HUB.

Keep one remote charged while playing with the other. The cooling fan keeps your XBOX ONE S from overheating whilst you enjoy hours of gameplay.


  • Multifunctional: x2 3.0 USB Ports with powerful output for transferring data and charging
  • Mains powered through power Interceptor & USB (data) from the back of your console
  • Integrated Dual Charge Dock with Play and charge batteries (works with all XB1 controllers)
  • Integrated Dual Action Cooling Fan to keep your console at an optimum playing level
  • Space saving vertical design for your XBOX ONE S
  • Non-slip feet: rubberised feet prevents your console from moving
  • Snug fit prevents your XBOX ONE S console from tipping over. Wider base for a steadier support for your XBOX ONE S


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