Redragon IRONHIDE 6x RGB LED Tempered Glass Side x 2/Front/Top ATV Gaming Chassis Black

Indulge your system presentation with the new Redragon Tempered Glass Gaming Chassis. With its ground-breaking interior design, which offers a full assembly capacity and expansion options for PC enthusiasts to create an advanced or a massive cooling system.


  • 0.7mm thickness steel
  • 2x USB1.1+ Black HD Audio, 2x USB3.0
  • Tempered glass panels
  • 1.5mm thick iron feet pads
  • Supports 240mm/280mm/360mm cooler in the front
  • Supports 240mm/280mm cooler at the top
  • Supports 120mm cooler at the rear
  • Supports 4x 12CM LED Fan in the Front
  • Supports 3x 12CM LED Fan at top
  • Supports 2x 12CM Fan at Rear
  • Supports 3x 12CM LED at power pack


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