OWC Aura Pro X 1TB MBA MBP W/Retina Envoy Kit mSATA SSD

The OWC / Other World Computing Aura Pro X 1TB SSD Upgrade Solution offers read and write speeds of up to 1352 MB/s and 1066 MB/s respectively. Designed for macOS 10.13 High Sierra and later operating systems, it supports features such as APFS, including strong encryption, copy-on-write metadata, space sharing, file and directory cloning, snapshots, fast directory sizing, atomic safe-save primitives, and improved file system fundamentals. The SSD comes with the Envoy Pro SSD enclosure that allows you to easily repurpose the factory-installed Mac Pro SSD as an aluminum-body USB 3.0 external drive.


  • Capacity: 1 TB
  • 3D MLC NAND flash
  • Designed for macOS 10.13 High Sierra and later




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