OWC Aura 1TB Mid-2013 MBA MBP w/Retina mSATA SSD

Add 1TB of storage to your 13″ or 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display, as well as your 11″ or 13″ MacBook Air using the 1TB Aura Internal SSD for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina Display from OWC / Other World Computing. It is pre-formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

This SSD features no moving parts, helping to protect it from accidental bumps and drops, as well as achieve faster data transfer speeds. Having no moving parts also means that this SSD will receive less wear and tear, as there are no read and write heads for the SSD media to come into contact with. In terms of speed, the drive offers sustained reads of up to 763 MB/s, sustained writes of up to 446 MB/s, read incompressible data rates up to 754 MB/s, write incompressible data rates up to 425 MB/s, 128-bit AES compliance, a Silicon Motion 2256 flash controller, and a Marvel 9230 RAID controller. It also RoHS compliant and allocates 64GB to real-time data redundancy and error correction.

Tier-1 Flash
Aura SSDs use only Tier-1 flash for improved performance and dependability

Cell-Level Data Refresh
Aura’s SSD controller monitors data blocks and maintains correct charge at the cell level, improving the integrity of your data and extending the life of your drive

7% Over Provisioning
OWC SSDs perform maintenance tasks in the background that help optimize the health, performance, and endurance of your flash drive. These jobs take advantage of available, unwritten areas on the SSD. Aura PCIe-based flash storage reserves 7% of the overall capacity as free space. Always. With this allocated free space, Aura SSDs can perform these normal maintenance tasks making your drive more stable, dependable, and ultimately a safer place to store your data


  • Compatible with Select MacBook Pros
  • Compatible with Select MacBook Airs
  • Designed for Models 2013 and Newer
  • 1TB Storage Capacity




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