Orico Dual Blade Sim Card Cutter Silver

Professionally cut your regular sized SIM card or micro SIM with the New Orico Dual Blade Sim Card Cutter. The Slim cutter enables the use of your existing sim card in a cell phone that requires a card of a different size.

How to use
•Insert regular sim card or micro SIM card (with metal adapter tray if necessary) into the cutting slot.
•Place the cutter on a steady and hard table, then press the handle with strong force.
•Nano SIM card is ready for use, please clear-cutting slot for next use.
•Some regular sim card is thicker than standard Nano sim card, please check thickness before cutting.


  • High precision stainless steel blades
  • High-quality steel material, wire cutting technology
  • Dual springs are more durable
  • Two slots to cut cards
  • Fits for all cell phones
  • Fit for Nano Sim Cards and Micro Sim Car
  • Sharp cutting edge, water resistant,rust-proof and durable
  • Streamlined and springy grab handle is more convenient to press the cutter




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