Orico 20 Bay 3.5 HDD Protector Box Black

This 20 Bay 3.5 HDD Protector Box with high quality material’s, which provides all-round protection including anti-drop, water resistant, shockproof and dustproof, is the ultimate bodyguard for your hard drives.


  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Can be used in high temperature environment
  • Excellent German craft design
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Safety lock design
  • Practical hand-held hook
  • Built-in rubber ring round the inner edge, prevents water damage
  • Shockproof lining on the bottom and foam on the top
  • Specifications
  • Fits: 30 hard drives
  • Support: 3.5”HDD*20
  • Shockproof: EPE, Foam
  • Waterproof: Rubber Ring
  • Resistant Temperature: -40℃ ~ 90℃




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