Nihon Bullet 2.0Mpxl 1080P 3.6mm 20M 4in1

HDCVI avoids the interference of high frequency wireless electromagnetic radiation from the nature of the technical principle by using the low-frequency analog modulation technology, so that HDCVI is able to guarantee high-quality image transmission, even under strong interference environment.

Compared with the traditional HD-SDI technology, HDCVI also can transfer 720P and 1080P effective resolution of high definition video, but HDCVI has obvious advantages on the transmission distance,at least 500 meters by using the 75-3 cable with very low signal distortion.


  • Ensure high-quality image transmission
  • Long distance transmission
  • Low cost
  • The upgrading of current HD SDI devices can seamlessly switch to HDCVI products and achieve full high-definition monitoring by replacing the CCTV Camera and DVR


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