Gizzu Nano Multi-Purpose Gel Pads

This amazing Nano Gel Pad is the perfect solution for keeping your everyday items close at hand.

Its super sticky and reusable features allow you to stick the pads almost anywhere! Whether you want to stick your phone to the wall for steady video calling, mount your GPS and dash-cam in your car or simply put a poster, the Gizzu Nano Pad has you covered

Easy to install and clean
•Before using your Nano pad, ensure that your surface is clean and dry
•Not intended for rough, oily or granular surfaces
•Completely reusable. To restore to full sticking power, simply was with warm water and leave to air dry


  • No more distractions from cell phones moving around
  • Sticks to your tiles in the kitchen
  • Maximizes storage space in your kitchen, office and bathroom
  • Keep items like your remote control, camera and cell phone
  • Use over and over again


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