The Giada F110D is capable of multi-network independent access with its dual-channel Ethernet and vertical structure, and it can be widely utilized in all industries with its fanless design and ultra-low power consumption (≤15W running at full speed ).

Product Highlights

  • Fanless Silent Operation – For the quiet environment, especially dust atmosphere. Higher reliability
  • Dual Gigabit LAN – High-speed LAN connection with 1Gb/s data transfer rate. Ideal for seamless internet connection for audio and video streaming
  • Dual COM Ports – 2 COM ports for more device connect
  • JAHC Technology – Extended RTC for more custom schedule of Shutdown or Resume, saving more energy
  • Energy Saving – Low power consumption saves money and better for the environment
  • RoHS Compliant – This mini PC is RoHS compliant to keep the good environment and good heathy


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