Folksafe 1CH HD Passive Balun Transmitter

Videobalunul FS-HDP4201 is a passive device (without amplifier) ​​which enables the real-time HD video signal via UTP cable. Composite signals are supported any other. Videobalun model is compatible with all analog cameras AHD, CVI HD, HD-TVI. Videobalunul has a 150mm extension coaxial cable enabling fast installation of fixed cameras, dome cameras allows mounting inside and supports flexible connection with the DVR. Does not need fixing screws of UTP cable, you do not need any additional fastening tools, thanks to the push-pin. Used as a pair, this type of videobalun eliminate the high cost of coaxial cable.

Blocking interference and low emissions allows video signals to co-exist in the same group of phone wires or low voltage circuits. This allows use of existing cable networks or shared. With integrated surge suppressor, the problems of voltage fluctuations are eliminated. Noise and crosstalk immunity to improve the quality of the video signal.

– Video format: PAL, NTSC, SECAM
– Operating frequency: DC to 42MHz
– Maximum distance:
– TVI HD-720P: 230m
– 1080P HD-TVI: 250m
– 720P HD-CVI: 440m
– 1080P HD-CVI: 240m
– AHD 720P: 320m
– AHD 960P: 330m
– Common-mode / Differential-mode rejection: 15KHz to 42MHz / 60dB
– Impedance: Coaxial, BNC – 75Ω / UTP push-pin connector – 100Ω
– Attenuation: 1.5dB max

Cable Type
– Network Cabling: UTP (per video) 24-16 AWG (0.5 – 1.31mm)
– Category 2 and over
– Impedance: 100 ± 20 ohms
– DC loop resistance: 18 ohm / 100m
– Differential Capacitance: 62pF max / m
– Power: no external power supply required

– Input / Output Video: BNC male connector
– Input / Output video: push-pin connector

– Protection against overvoltage protection renewable
– Video Input: 2KV (common mode), 10 / 700us IEC6100-4-5 / 1955 (GB / T 1726 5-1999)
– Video output: 2KV (differential mode), 10 / 700us IEC6100-4-5 / 1955 (GB / T 1726 5-1999)

– Housing: ABS hard plastic
– Operating conditions
– Operating temperature: -20 ° / + 70 ° C
– Relative Humidity: 0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)


  • Transmission in real time via UTP CAT5e / 6
  • No power supply required
  • Compatible PAL video format
  • Compatible with all cameras AHD, CVI HD and HD-TVI
  • Color video signal transmission up to 440m CVI-720P HD camera
  • Color video signal transmission up to 240m Camera 1080P HD-CVI
  • Color video signal transmission up to 230m-TVI 720P HD camera
  • Color video signal transmission up to 250m-TVI 1080P HD camera
  • Color video signal transmission up to 320m AHD 720P Camera
  • Color video signal transmission up to 330m AHD 960P Camera
  • Dad BNC connector with mini coaxial extension of 150mm
  • Push-pin connection cable UTP
  • Built-TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) for overvoltage protection
  • Design anti-static, against lightning – grade III
  • Noise and crosstalk immunity: 60dB
  • Resistance to interference
  • Hard plastic casing, ABS


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