Chuango GSM/SMS RFID Touch Alarm System

The Chuango G5 Plus alarm system adds some new features like anti-jamming to the G5 alarm system. With the brand new G5 PLUS you are also protected against burglars which use jamming to interfere your alarm system. When the G5Plus detects an jamming attempt it will directly warn the owner and sound the alarm. No chance to burgle your house even for burglars equipped with the newest technologies.


  • Glossy piano finish
  • Easy and intuitive
  • For the young and elderly in your family, simply give them a keychain-like RFID tag to arm and disarm the system with a wave
  • The new Chuango G5 PLUS offers you the possibility to add a timed arm/disarm function. No need to think to arm the system
  • You can name all your RFID tags and detection zones for easy identification
  • Whenever the system is disarmed by a RFID tag, you will get an SMS text notification of who and where
  • With a regular SIM card, the G5 can also act as a phone, and you can place calls directly on the panel. One-touch speed dial is also possible


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