ANTEC High Current Gamer 750W Bronze Modular PSU

The Antec’s 750W Gold Modular PSU is the perfect combination of power and efficiency. The HCG M features special heavy-duty High Current connectors and cabling that supply’s extreme levels of power, and a Active PFC. The HCG-750M further-more features High Current Cable Management and 10-pin modular connectors. If High Current engineering and extreme efficiency is what you’re after, the Antec High Current Gamer 750W Gold Modular is the perfect PSU for you.


  • Strong, stable and reliable PSU
  • Continuous power with high current rails
  • Double ball bearing fan
  • 80Plus bronze certified
  • Less clutter, more room and better cooling
  • The HCG-750M is backed with AQ5 – Antec Quality5 year parts and labor warranty
  • A power supply converts mains AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for the internal components of a computer
  • Ensures the tightest DC stability and regulation
  • CircuitShield – Full suite of industrial grade protections:
  • Over Current Protection (OCP)
  • Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
  • Under Voltage Protection (UVP)
  • Short Circuit Protection (SCP)
  • Over Power Protection (OPP)
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP) & Surge & Inrush Protection (SIP)


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